Borehole Survey's - 2D Profile

We find, asses and extract groundwater.
Our aim is to deliver environmentally sustainable and technically superior groundwater solutions.

     1. Exploration
We site new borehole drill sites utilizing scientific methodology combined with “old school” methods to optimize success.



Based on the field source of earth's electromagnetic field and differences in conductivity of different underground geological structures.

We study the variation law of electric field components at different frequencies to study the geological structure and changes.

Changes in geological structure are displayed in real-time through multiple curves.

Geological structure and specific information such as aquifers, fractures, faults, and caves can be analysed to provide a more accurate drill point estimation.

Borehole Drilling

Key elements to successfully drilling a viable borehole are as follows:


1. Due diligence with the drill point surveying - We make use of a number of techniques including traditional "stokkie wys". By combining the use of satellite imagery, magnetometer traverse lines, geological maps and the traditional method we increase the potential for success ten fold.


2. Accurate drill set up and drill tempo - Simply pin pointing a potential drill site is not enough to guarantee a successful borehole. It is crucial that the drill rig operator has enough experience and knowledge to set up the drill rig properly and to maintain the correct penetration rate. This will ensure a stable and straight borehole which again vastly increases the potential for a successful borehole.


3. Proper borehole construction - There is an industry standard when constructing a borehole. However in some cases the geology and amount of water creates variables that influences the construction and stability of the borehole. It is key that a drilling supervisor or consultant be onsite to ensure that the borehole construction is done safely and correctly. Casing installation, perforation and depth can all influence the success rate.


Borehole Yield Testing

Borehole Bank Certificate

Residential Yield Tests for private use

Agricultural Yield Tests

Commercial Yield Tests


All tests conducted with dedicated yield testing equipment, calibrated flow meters and trained technicians