Bank Certificate Yield Test



Bank Certificate Yield Test:

A bank certificate is required for any sale of property utilizing bank financing. All South African banks make use of a specific set of requirements for the issuing of bank yield test certificates. If your borehole does not meet these standards your bank financing could be denied.


Bank Specifications:

  1. An Extended step test using dedicated test pumping equipment must be done
  2. A Water Quality Analysis for human consumption must be done on the borehole water by a registered laboratory.
  3. The yield testing company must be registered with the Borehole Water Association of Southern Africa.
  4. The borehole must have a minimum sustainable yield of 1500 liters per hour.


Extended Step Test (Variable Flow Test)

The proses wherein a dedicated test pump is installed in a borehole and through the use of an ultrasonic flow meter and electronic water level logging device the extraction rate is gradually increased over 30-minute intervals whilst the water level movement is monitored. This proses is continued until the rate at which the water level drawdown exceeds the capacity of the borehole. After which that step is extended for a period. Once the required amount of time has elapsed a recovery rate test is conducted wherein the pump is turned off and the recharge rate of the borehole is calculated using the movement of the water level back to its original level.