Borehole Installations



What do you need to effectively and efficiently make use of your borehole?


Depending on the intended use of the borehole here are a few basic types of equipment that you would require:

1. Borehole Submersible Pump

In order to effectively extract water from your groundwater resource you would need to have had a borehole yield test done. The borehole yield test will allow us to specify your borehole equipment more sustainably and with the objective of suiting your required application.

There are multiple brands of submersible pumps available and we will be able to fine the right pump at the right cost for you.

2. Riser Main

Depending on the volume of water that you need to extract from the borehole, the depth of the borehole and the distance the water has to travel we will be able to specify the correct pipe sizing for your intended application. 

Friction loss is a key element that has to be considered when designing the initial borehole infrastructure.

There are a two main types available for this application:

a. HDPE pipe - High density polyurethane pipe that comes in multiple sizes.

b. Sectional pipes - Either steel or UPV. These pipes come in 3m sections.  

3. Submersible Cable

Depending on the motor size ,the length of the cable and the power supply it is very important to ensure that the correct cable sizing is selected for the intended application.

4. Control Unit

The control unit is designed to protect the motor from variables in power supply, water supply or cable damage. The correct control unit installed at the start of the installation will ensure the longevity of your newly purchased equipment and will save you on costs in the long run.

Although it is not always necessary, we prefer to install a tank and booster system with every equipment installation. It is possible to run your systems directly of the borehole equipment, however it is not recommended.

5. Tank and Booster Pump (Pressure Pump)

The tank and booster pump combination allows for more control and protection on the overall equipment. Depending on what the intended use of the borehole water is you can adjust the size of the tank storage capability, the pressure and volume of water that the booster is able to supply. 

This entire system will be automated and can be specifically designed to suit your household and irrigation requirements.