Hydrosenses Yield Evaluations



Hydrosensus Yield Testing

In order to accurately determine the use of groundwater resources and the available yields within localized aquifers it is important to gather all the relevant data.

Groundwater SA in conjunction with other consulting environmental companies have developed a system that not only increases the accuracy of Hydrosensus data but also increases the amount of quality usable data.

Once we complete a Hydrosensus project we supply our clients with large amounts of usable data and the ability to continually monitor yields, daily extraction and water level movements.


Our process:

  1. We conduct inspections on the existing equipment and determine whether the equipment is correctly specified for the sustainability of the borehole.
  2. We remove all existing equipment from the boreholes and conduct specialized short-term yield tests on every single borehole in the project area. This means that we collect valuable data concerning each borehole ex. Depths, Borehole Condition (Camera Inspection), static water levels, available yields (Test dependent), Water Quality Analysis etc.
  3. We install monitoring equipment on each borehole to ensure that recurring data capturing can occur.


All our data capturing allows for in depth modelling of the immediate groundwater resources in the project area.

Our methodology and professional services are key in assisting industries that require environmental impact studies, mine closures impact studies or large agricultural development studies etc. in complying with national standards and to effectively implement key strategies.