• Successfully Drilled Borehole Pretoria

Borehole Drill Point Survey's

Groundwater surveys

By combining traditional water dowsing, geophysics and satelite imagery we are able to improve the probability for success when drilling a new borehole.

By analysing multiple grid point positions and compiling realtime 2 dimensional grid point views we are able to determine viable groundwater aquiffers.

Borehole Drilling

Drill a new borehole in June 2022 and qualify for the following deals:

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All deals include the following:

1. Drilling to specific depths

2. Casing up to 15 meters

3. Site Establishment and Drill
Rig Set Up

4. Drill Point Estimation

5. Air Flush and Development

6. 75km total travel cost

From R 45 000.00

Terms and Conditions Apply


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