Complete borehole yield evaluations

Groundwater Survey's

Deteremining the best potential drill point with the highest likelihood for success. By combining traditional water dowsing with the latest in water contact point technology

Borehole Yield Testing

We deliver a wide range of yield testing options depending on your requirements. From residential tests to commercial and aggricultural yield test.

Borehole Drilling

Wide range of drilling rigs available for any depth or size borehole. Smaller rigs for the inaccesible areas and larger rigs for high volume drilling.

Charles Lubbe

Meet Charles Lubbe, 

Owner, Project Manager and Rig Operator.

With 14 years industry experience he has tested and evaluated thousands of boreholes country wide. Ranging from borehole drill point estimation, residential yield evaluations, borehole bank certificates and sustainable yield estimations Charles has dealt with almost every possible scenario concerning boreholes. Trained by one of the countries fore most experts in Boreholes Christo Boegman (Who himself has over 40 years experience in the industry)

About us

Groundwater SA was established in 2020 with the aim to rectify industry challenges experiences by most of our customers. Groundwater SA was created to simplify the borehole process by getting all the relevant processes required to succesfully deliver a usable and cost effective borehole.


We specialise in the following processes:

1. Borehole drill point estimations

2. Borehole Drilling Supervision and Drilling 

3. Borehole Yield Testing

4. Borehole Equipment Specifications and Installations

5. Groundwater Filtration and Back Up Systems


Contact Charles directly for advise or any services required


082 342 6060